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Finally, we have a list of Indian Expat Bloggers ! Yes, that’s right !

We are always looking for good sources to enhance our expat life. Being expats ourselves, we know that moving to a new country is not very easy. Apart from all the paper work, there are plenty of other things that are very new to us.

We are often bombarded with questions like: How is life in this Country? Is it worth moving there? Will I be able to make friends? Is it easy to find a job? Is the local language a must? What is the cost of living? How much can I save and HOW?

There can be no better person to answer these questions other than expats themselves. As Indians, we all share a similar cultural background and we believe that the best answers to all the above questions will be from fellow Indians. After all, we have both lived in India and now abroad, studied in the same education system, brought up reading the same stories and celebrating the same festivals.

Thanks to the internet, many budding writers are exploring their potential in the world of blogging. In this thread, we welcome all Indian Expat bloggers to take us through their world of living life as a expat. The good, bad and ugly!

If you are an Indian expat Blogger, leave a comment/ reply below with the following details:

  • Country of Residence
  • Introduction to Self/ Blog
  • Interests and topics covered in Blog
  • Website and other Social Media details

Note: All the above details should be mentioned in the comments/ replies.
Please do NOT post links to food, fashion or blogs covering topics other than expat life. If found, these will be deleted. You may however, create a new topic on this forum for the same. For eg. if you do movie reviews, create a topic under the category “off-topic” or if you are passionate about healthy food, create a topic under the category “Events & Lifestyle”.

Do you run a YouTube Channel instead? Let us know more here.


We at IAbroad aim to make life easier for Indians moving or planning to move to a new country. With this thread, we hope to offer people valuable sources to get acquainted with expat life in a country of their choice. You never know, it might help someone shape their future…

That being said, a huge round of applause to all the Bloggers out there, who tell us their story and make life easier for people in a new country.

Time to learn, discover and live life from more than one perspective !