Traveling to/ from/ in India amidst COVID-19! - Updated


Most of us are avoiding travel amidst Coronavirus outbreak. However, for some it is inevitable. News has been going around that travel to and from India will require you to fill in certain forms as mentioned below.

Whoever is travelling to India from abroad, please carry a printout of the below form. There are long queues on the airport for this form, and there is shortage of the same the airports. Immigration does not allow clearance until you submit this form to them.

Fill in duplicate - one for medical officer and another stamped copy by medical officer for immigration officer
Download the form Here

Safe Travels !!! :airplane:
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Travel advisory issued by the Government of India!!!

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thanks for the update.

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Travel Advisory for India -OCI Holder
If you are an OCI holder, you cannot fly back to India with OCI until April 15th.

Please double check before planning your travel.

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FAQs on Visa restrictions - COVID 19

UK is on the Ban list now. @Indians_in_UK

  • The govt banned the entry of passengers from EU countries, Turkey and the UK from March 18 till March 31
  • The travel ban will come into effect from 1200 hours GMT on March 18
  • According to the new travel advisory, no airline shall board a passenger from these nations to India.
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@mohan2fly pls check buddy

Ban on international flights extended to April 14!

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Revised guideline released by Govt of India for the containment of COVID-19 outbreak by extension of Lockdown

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Read about how India plans to implement new airport rules post lock down