Starting a business in Romania

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Monday, May 25, 2020 at 12 PM - 1PM UTC +03

Opening a Romanian company can be a great opportunity for a foreigner or expat, if they want to live in Romania or even do business from abroad. Incorporation offers a lot of tax benefits and it can help you obtain a legal right to stay in Romania. Not to mention, the national economy has been greatly improving in the last years and there are a lot of opportunities on the market, including the entire EU region.

However, there are a few things you should know about the process of actually incorporating and running the business, in order to make sure that everything is done in total safety and according to the law!

Ruxandra Visoiu is a practicing attorney specialised in commercial and immigration law, who will guide us through the entire process.

The topics include:

  • What are the types of Romanian companies you can incorporate?
  • What are the differences between them, which one has the most advantages?
  • What are steps to set up a Romanian business?
  • Can you open a business from abroad? Does it matters if you are a EU or non-EU citizen?
  • What happens when I have to run my business, how can an accountant help?

We will also take questions from our listeners, so don’t forget to join us on the live show!
You can also send us any questions you have beforehand, so we can include them in our talk.

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