Moving back to India from Germany ? Checklist!

For whatsoever reasons, there are many who have decide to move back to India after a couple of years of living and working in Germany. Thanks to the never ending bureaucracy, there’s enough paper work to be done.

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So, here’s a checklist list of things to tend to, before moving back to India.

  1. De-registration or Abmeldung

  2. Cancel all Contracts

    • Phone & Internet
    • Electricity
    • Radio Tax/ GEZ Rundfunkbeitrag
    • House
    • Gym/ Fitness Studio memberships
    • Club or Verein memberships
    • Extra-curricular Activities of Self/ Kids for eg. Music, Dance, Art etc.
      Note that most of these contracts will require written communication 1-3 months in advance.
  3. Cancel Insurance Policies

    • Health
    • Vehicle
    • Liability
    • Others
  4. Inform Family Benefits Office, if you are still receiving

  5. Bank Account
    You may choose to keep your Bank Account active, especially if you want to receive the social security amount after 2 years as it’s easier to get it in euros and not to a foreign account.

  6. Tax
    File tax returns in advance, if you have all the necessary documents. Also, get in touch with the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (most developed countries have pension agreements).

  7. Post
    Inform the post office to redirect any mails received to another chosen address, India or Germany.

  8. Others

    • Check house for mold and other damages and get it repaired if necessary
    • If you hold a Driving Licence, either apply for an International Driving licence or take back your Indian one (If, you have submitted it)
    • Obtaining a Führungzeugnis (German Police Clearance). This is not a MUST, but good to have.

Have you done all these things? How easy were they? We would love to hear your experience. Do leave us a reply with the same

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