Moving Abroad? The Where and How's

There comes a point in everyone’s life wherein we are tired of the usual 9-5 work routine. For those, living in cities like Bangalore let’s say 8-8 work routine owing to the 3 to 4 hours we spend in traffic which moves at snail pace or maybe doesn’t move at all. I am sure that many a times the thought “I need a change!” crosses our mind. For some, the thought is brushed aside after a few pegs, while some decide to bring on the change.

Many of us believe that the grass is greener on the other side, and hence decide to move abroad. So is it really greener? Which are the best countries to migrate to? Is it better to move abroad for studies first, and then eventually settle in? Or is it easy to find a suitable job offer and then move? Or maybe are you currently testing the waters on a short term assignment?

Tell us a little more on your move…

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Well, in my case, I was fortunate enough to get an onsite opportunity based at UK, for a year (2015-16). I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Britain and didn’t miss the opportunity to see a bit of Europe as well. So, when my husband got a job offer based at Munster, Germany, it was me who coaxed him into taking it up.
So, for us, it was moving with an available job offer & yes, along with family.
More on that in another post…

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