Masala Express, Amstelveen, Netherlands

Masalaexpress belongs to Masala Express, led by Prachi Singh. Prachi comes from the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and carries a Bachelor degree apart from degree in Fashion Designing. She has great experience of people, culture, needs of people from across Europe and beyond. She has also been working as caretaker for IT companies in Netherlands and Germany. However, in the spirit of doing something different, based on huge requests from IT crowd for ECONOMICAL / nPRICED / CHEAP Indian products, she launched the biggest Asian Indian Store in Amstelveen . To cater to enahance customer needs and also meet the requirements for non Amstelveen crowd for her LOW priced products, she came up with a concept of providing a top class service of supplying Indian grocery items anywhere in the country with out any minimum purchase restrictions, which took shape as this webportal. She is currently also under planning to start new stores.

Source: Searchindie

Telephone 020-3459803