Indian Food Train Munich - For New Parents & Patients, Germany

As you already know, iAbroad is here to help you feel at home, when away from home. The pandemic has definitely been a rough time especially for new parents, who unfortunately are not able to have their family from India by their side. The same applies to many people who have been affected by COVID or otherwise and recovering slowly to good health again.

In such situations, a little help can go a long way. Sticking with our motive, we are happy to share with you an initiative from Indians in Munich, Indian Food Train.


Indian Food Train is a community based setup by volunteers that help coordinate meals for people in need, when they are going through a big life change, be it becoming New Parents or recovering post medical conditions.

They go by the motive, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” ( Quote by President Ronald Reagan). They are based in Munich, Germany. Each person who reaches out to them will be provided with a Meal train i.e. meals for the requested person/ family for a week . These meals are prepared by the volunteers themselves. They have already served quite a many people, who could not be more grateful to the Indian Food Train team.

Please note that this is not a tiffin service and is meant only for those in need. If you need this service or would like to be a volunteer, please do reach out to Indian Food Train team, here. I’m sure they will be happy to have volunteers not just to cook the meals, but to deliver them too.

Connect with IFT Volunteers:
Malvika Mahajan
Shreya Maolanker
Pragya Vakil

NOTE: This is not an affiliate post. iAbroad only aims to reach out to a wider audience, thereby helping those in need.
Are you aware of such initiatives in your town or city? Do drop us a message and help us reach out to our fellow countrymen.