Amusing ways to fritter away time during lockdown🙂


Oh ! Now since we have those extra hours at hand, might as well put it to good use. Extra hours? you may ask. Well of course, the hour or two we spend on our commute to work and back is definitely a saved bonus. So, we are done with deep cleaning the house, gardening, sorting out that pile of laundry, papers etc. which was long overdue. What next?

During this pandemic, some of us might have wished that we had travelled to our hometown earlier. After all, if you are living away from family, a three week shut down is a good chance to be together. And face it, the home calling is more since you are literally out of options.

I’d like to share a little idea with you guys. Something that my family came up with🙂. Today, we played a game of Tambola together, over the internet. Yes, you heard that right! No, it isn’t some app we downloaded. We joined a Zoom meeting together, from 5 different countries, across 3 continents. What made it more fun was that we could all see each other and quip in anytime. We could have done it anytime, but hey! we had our plates full and weren’t looking at ways to kill time.

So what are the wackiest idea you have come up with ?

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Afew links about the zoom app that might interest you…

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This lockdown has made people take up all sort of “dig up old pics” challenges and “show off what are eating” posts. So while we are on it, why not explore the world of bartending too… After all, a drink or two definitely helps during this time. Here’s a list of cocktails to try out…