Air India, Indian Navy on standby to evacuate Indians from Gulf

The national carrier Air India and Indian Navy have been asked to be on standby with their aircraft and warships for the mass evacuation of Indians from Gulf Countries as Covid-19 pandemic continues.

Amid coronavirus scare, thousands of Indians have expressed willingness to come back to India from the Gulf countries, but due to suspension of air operations and other modes of travel, they have been stuck there.

Government sources also stressed that “many Indians have contacted the embassies through social media and emails,showing a willingness to return to their homes. The government is doing all possible planning and making arrangements of their evacuation from their destinations.”

The Indian Navy, in their detailed evacuation plan, submitted to the government, has mentioned that “the Indian Navy can evacuate 1,500 Indians from the Gulf countries in three warships of the Navy.”

According to sources, senior officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation had given a brief note before a Group of Ministers that, “India has over 500 aircraft and the Indian aviation is capable of the evacuation of Indians from the Gulf nations.”

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