Problems in finding a house in UK for expats

On the previous post we discussed about where to find a house to rent.

But there’s more to the topic.

Without a BRP card (Biometric Residence Permit) no agency will prefer to let you a house. That’s when friends come to the rescue or a B&B or a Hotel whichever is affordable.

There are unlisted agents who rents you house for sharing or the whole without much initial charges but there’s always a(many) risk.

  1. You will need an agreement to register for the Council. This is required for tax submission which includes rental agreement, council tax receipts and other bills (Electricity, Gas and Water).
  2. These agents may not give you a rental agreement or a rent receipt.
  3. Putting your kids in nursery or school is not possible without registering for council(done by renting agency)
    4.Cannot register for NHS (National Health Service) means you cannot get medical treatment, they may still treat you but you have to pay a hefty bill.